Customize Your Silk Scarves 

Make your gift meaningful and memorable by personalizing it. 


Silks of sheba silk scarves can make prestigious and memorable corporate gifts for your clients or staff members. If you are looking for a specific theme, no doubt you will find the emblematic scarves that best represent your business or the special event you are organizing... or just ask us to custom design for you based on your logo and brand elements!  

Custom made scarves are powerful marketing tools to promote your brand. They also convey the image of your company or organization. Whatever you are looking for, our team will assist you in selecting the best options and will manage your entire project, working diligently to ensure your total satisfaction. When you choose silks of sheba for your personalized neckwear, you are not just in good hands, you are in the very best hands in the industry. Our bespoke scarves boast superb quality. Our incredible team of women artisans design unique items you can't find anywhere else


- Based on your logo and any other brand elements, our designers will create free of charge mock up proposals of your exclusive branded and personalized scarves, ties, bow ties and/or pocket squares. You can also submit your own design and we will adapt it if necessary to make sure it is perfectly compatible with the constraints of production.


 - Unlike any other company, we offer the widest choice of fabrics 

 Finishing & Packaging: 

 We propose several finishing and packaging options. Please let us know your special needs when filling out our Request for Quotation below.

 Hem and thread options

 One-sided or double-sided printing option available. 

 Frequent Questions

Will I see a sample before bulk production? Yes, once we have your order we can create an approval sample

Can I order just order a sample of my design? We make approval samples when we have your order, yes

Can I see examples of your fabrics before I place an order? Yes

Do you print on a variety of silks? Yes

Will the colors of my design appear on the back of the scarf? Yes

Does silks of sheba print Digitally? Yes

Can I have specialty hemming? Yes

Can I have my own label on my scarves? Yes