At Silks of Sheba, we only work with the finest quality mulberry silk and the highest quality artisans to craft each scarf. As the owner of a silk scarf, you will want it to stay in good shape and last you as long as possible, so it can be passed from generation to generation. Proper care and storage will help keep your investment pieces relevant beyond a season. The below tips are some ways to tend to your delicate silk accessory so that it keeps its color, stays luminous, maintains its luxurious touch.


General Care

      1. To prevent damage, do not hang silk scarves on hard metal hooks.
      2. You should store your silk scarf in an airtight container that is both clean and dry. If you need to repel moths, use natural lavender rather than mothballs; this prevents any bad smells. You may also hang your silk scarves, but make sure the area where you will hang them is clean, dry, and airy.

 Cleaning Directions:

      1. If and when your silk needs washing, dry cleaning is the best option. However, if this is not possible then you may hand wash silks in cold water.
      2. Do not use alkaline detergent and do not wring, twist, or rub the silk scarf while hand washing.
      3. Don’t put your silk in the washing machine, you should never use a dryer when you want to dry your scarf. You should simply place it between two towels and let it dry in its own time that way.

 Ironing Directions:

    1. Silk scarves can be ironed, set the iron to low heat (or the silk setting). Iron silk only once it's dry and be sure to put a cloth between the silkand the iron. Do not spray or wet silkwhile ironing, you may get water-stains.
    2. Minimizing the length of time the iron is in contact with the fabric (even with the extra layer of cloth) will prevent burning.

*These instructions are only aimed at helping you to care for your silk accessory, please handle at your own risk.