5 Cool Ways to Style a Scarf

A few tricks on how to wear the classic accessory like a fashion editor.

We love silk scarves. we like framing them on our walls, wrapping them around our neck, tying them on our handbag, and even fashioning them into a top in warm weather. The right silk scarf, with the perfect print and a luxe silky texture, can transform any ensemble–adding a bit of vintage-inspired sophistication and detail. How are all the cool girls wearing scarves in 2021?  There are so many fun ways to wear them and they’re an instant way to lend a little polish to your look. Here’s a little inspiration for how to style a silk scarf. A classic silk scarf is an investment piece in your wardrobe, that never goes out of style. Wearing a silk scarf with your outfit is a genius way to add instant, effortless chic to any look.

Learn 5 scarf-styling tips to keep the look fresh and modern throughout every season. Then, shop our favorites.

Draped Front Knot

Create an effortlessly draped look with a silk scarf, as pictured here, to add a feminine touch to casual outfitsStart by loosely rolling your scarf on the diagonal. Wrap it once around your neck, with the ends facing the front, and loosely to one

The Jebena Scarf 

The Belted Silk Scarf 

Belting a silk Scarf over your outfit is a genius level fashion move that transforms this unstructured accessory into a wrap-style coat, for a memorable look that is worthy of your favorite street style icons. You can pull this trick with any fabric or color of silk scarf, and it's a particularly great way to upgrade all your outfuts for work. It's also a great way to make sure your shape doesn't get lost, when you wear oversized trends, particularly if you have a curvy body shape, a skinny belt works belt to cinch in the fabric, without adding extra bulk.

   The Axum obelsik scarf 

Silk Scarf You Can Wear As a Top

we love a good summer blouse  as much as the next style-obsessed woman, but if there's one top that takes the cake on cool, it's the scarf- blouse. Adored by off-duty models, celebs, editors and influencers alike, all you'll need is your favorite printed silk scarf to wrap and fold into the top of your choice

The Queen of Sheba scarf

The Axum Obelisk scarf 

 Tie it in the bandit style

This is one of the most classic styles for a square silk scarf. Lay your scarf flat on a table. Fold two of the corners to meet each other, creating a triangle. Place the scarf around your neck with the wide triangle point over your chest pointing down. Wrap the two ends around your neck, and tie them in a loose knot either over or under the triangle, whichever you prefer.

 The Buna Scarf