Meet The Creative Designer

Selame Negussie is the founder and Creator of Selam Art & Illustration and an upcoming artist & fashion illustrator. She is behind the spectacular signature designs of the silks of Sheba 'Negsta Saba' scarves collection. Designing has always been a part of her. She says “ I take my inspiration and muse from my dear mother who has always embraced the artistic side of me from a young age”. Furthermore, she is proud of her religious faith, stating that she has always prayed for her big break in the illustration and design industry. She has expressed how excited she is to watch her visions come to life.

Mahlet (Founder of Silks of Sheba) & Selam met courtesy of social media and worked together to visualize the Ethiopian | Eritrean culture in a modern and luxurious entity; This partnership between the Designer and Business owner has led to a wonderful & innovative collaboration, illustrating the importance of contributing back and paying homage to our community worldwide. Selam emphasises how it has been rewarding working with the team, “I am so proud of the work we have produced as I share my passion for designing and also get to display the love I have for Ethiopian | Eritrean culture”

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