Silks of Sheba Announces Physical Stores in South Africa and New York For Its African-inspired Scarf Designs

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Silks Of Sheba Announces Physical Stores in South Africa and New York For Its African-inspired Scarf Designs

Thanks to Silks of Sheba’s new physical stores in South Africa and New York, everyone can now be a part of the beautiful African culture with the brand’s custom-made scarves. Silks Of Sheba has received applause from many for their creativity in ensuring that each scarf in its inventory is unique and different from others. Made on high-quality Mulberry silk and printed in rich colors, these scarves are the epitome of elegance and luxury with a true reflection of the cheerful African tradition. The Silk of Sheba also inaugurated two walk-in stores, located in New York, and South Africa.

Scarves are a big fashion statement from the very old times, it’s almost like a tradition for women to wear scarves, be it going out for a casual party or a fancy dinner. Silks of Sheba presents such scarves that can complement any outfit flawlessly, owing to their unique patterns, designs of which are sparked by the tribal African culture, and the color combinations just used in each scarf, not just add to their beauty but also are significant to the ancient beliefs and traditions of the Africans – fascinating!

The story behind the beginning of Silks of Sheba is intriguing in its way, the creative director and founder, Mahlet B Yohannes says, “My passion is to create a brand that amplifies the vibrant culture of Africa using creative innovations in collaboration with women artisans, which we also aim to provide employment and economic empowerment. The global fashion landscape is dominated by certain gatekeepers sustaining narrow beauty aesthetics. It’s time to change the narrative. our silk scarves are unwaveringly bold but also playfully feminine, with vivacious prints, and don’t compromise in promoting Africa. As part of our social goals, proceeds from the sale of each scarf go to a nonprofit charity that builds water wells in rural Africa. I’m excited to launch our collection of silk scarves with exotic designs inspired by Africa’s vibrant culture and lifestyle.”

Silks of Sheba is a women-centric brand; started by a woman, inspired by the precision and power of the Queens of the great African Kingdoms, and dedicated whole-heartedly to women. The brand has a scarf for women of every age group, with scarves that are effortlessly stylish and remarkably elegant as well.

Silks of Sheba is more than just a business, as it is actively working for the society through associating it with non-profit organisations, and biggest of all – by preserving the heritage and customs of the great African culture with the means of such beautiful creative pieces of pure art.

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