The silks of sheba launches exclusive collection of silk scarves with inspiration of contemporary African culture and designs. Whether wrapped around the neck or delicately draped around shoulders, each luxury silk scarf is like a work of art and makes a perfect gift. These luxurious custom designed silk scarves come in a variety of carefully selected rich colors. It can give a bespoke look to any outfit and lift it to another level.

 "My passion is to create a brand that amplifies the vibrant culture of Africa using creative innovations in collaboration with women artisans, which we also aim to provide employment, and economic empowerment. The global fashion landscape is dominated by certain gatekeepers sustaining narrow beauty aesthetics. It's time to change the narrative. our silk scarves are unwaveringly bold but also playfully feminine, with vivacious prints and doesn't compromise in promoting Africa. As part of our soical impact goals, procceeds form the sale of each scarf goes to a nonprofit charity that builds water wells in rural Africa" says Mahlet yohannes, founder and creative director at silks of sheba. “ I’m really excited to launch our own collection of silk scarves with exostic desings inspired by Africa's vibrant  culture and lifestyle.

Mahlet B Yohannes, creative director and founder 

silks of sheba scarves production uses no chemicals on the mulberry plants, which is the home and food of the silkworms. This means that the silkworms are better nourished. A gentle production gives better silk quality and sustainable production standards applies to the people who work with the production as well. we work exclusively with our own custom designs that are designed by women creatives. The 'Negsta Saba " capsule collection offers silk scarves in 100 % mulberry silk. The scarves are designed for contemporary stylish women. women that has a relaxed attitude to style and fashion. silks of sheba finds inspiration from vibrant lifestyle and highlights the feeling of being elegant, strong and powerful women. Our overall vision is to design high quality distinctive silk scarves for sophisticated women of all ages that can be sent as a gift with a message or as personal treat. 

The Queen of Sheba Mulberry Silk Scarf (Inspired by the biblical Queen of Sheba)

The Jebena scarf ( Inspired by clay coffee pot ) Left 

The Axum obelisk Scarf ( Inspired by the 24 meter obelisk from the Axumite kingdom) right 

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